Pokemon XY & Such






sycamore dserenapoche_pikapoche_charmanmegamawilfairy2013-11-9_kyurem2013-11-8_22013-11-92013-11-11roob n basilass


I love the new Pokémon too much.


3 thoughts on “Pokemon XY & Such

  1. Ahh, seeing a page full of your art like this is so good. It’s been a while since you last drew (digitally, at least) and it’s only now that I realise how much I missed it! From this page, I definitely like the Mega Mawile and the drawings of Basil and Ruby the most.

    Even though I’m usually not much for OCs, I like your characters more each time I see art of them, haha. Ruby is just so cool and pretty and Basil is totally cute. If you’d ever do sort comics if them I would soon haha.

    mx I love your art.

  2. Urgh I just noticed I wrote “sort comics if them” but I meant “short comics of them”!

    I hate finding typos in my posts AFTER I post them. NO EXCUSE!

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