Long Time no See!

I’ve been really busy with moving, and then computer stuff, and now job searching and resume writing and all that jazz…!

I have a few doodles I’ve neglected to post so, here we go! (I’m alive!! Look at the art!)

thinkin about fe


Fire Emblem Fanart “Now I’m angry”

4-25Crazy lady (I think she’s an alien)









And then an Original Character Madness:





lou at home


P.S. I took a dozen (300) photos of beautiful homes downtown Hamilton. This house was one of my favourites haha!


im so sorry


Oh and then this.

I’ll try to update more during my job search! (or if you have a job for me ahha….)



2 thoughts on “Long Time no See!

  1. It’s so great that you’re still so active as an artist! To be honest, I’m completely out of the loop on what you’re doing these days. You’ve finished school, haven’t you? So you’re looking for a job now? Good luck!

    Your blog posts are always a delight to see. There’s so much art it would be hard to comment on all drawings individually, but I always really enjoy seeing your pretty girls and handsome men. I hope to see your drawings for years to come, even when you’re an employed professional!

    • Yeah, I finished classes in April and I’m waiting to get my diploma in June (I actually just checked the web it says I’ve already graduated so… huh.)

      My parents have been on my case about finding a job but it’s hard looking in my area. Not many graphic type jobs ahah…

      I hope I’ll always have time to draw! If I don’t I get real sad HAHAHA

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