As of late I’ve been drawing portraits of Fire Emblem characters of my friends and internet residents. Since I’m trying to update it whenever I can, I’ll link to the album!

In terms of school work, I just got the marks back for these two:



For this we were given a 3D model of the POP display, and then had to illustrate the product and map artwork onto it. I have problems with perspective so I spent a lot of time organizing the bottles ahha…




(Oops, the colours are a little messed up) Here’s a mock-up of a bus shelter poster we had to create. There was also a billboard that matched, but I’m not too fond of the billboard and need to fix it up.



This one’s a work in progress. Trying to make a jellyfish out of a car engine and computer parts is difficult…!

Anyway, I finish college next week and there is a mix of excitement and fright, aha.


One thought on “4/11

  1. Oh yeah! I’d totally forgotten how close to finishing school you are… It feels so weird to think that you’ll have a degree soon and not be a student anymore.

    And that Fire Emblem album is really awesome. I loved looking through it. I think Fire Emblem and mx design is the perfect combination.

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