Some Schoolwork (3012/03/17)

I realized I talk a lot about doing work, but never actually post any! I was cleaning this blog up today (I added my portfolio there to the side, in case you missed it!) and noticed most of the things I post are doodles. So without further ado!



This one’s was completed in December before the break, and I still haven’t gotten the mock-up back! Anyway, the project was to select a package and re-design it. I also re-did the logo here simply because I don’t like the existing one aha! I chose Melona because its so delicious… (I’m thinking about icecream now aha)


This project was a promotional poster for a fake upcoming Cirque du Soliel show. My photoshopping needs to be honed more, as it isn’t perfect but I do like the composition and wordmark I made for the fake show aha.

This Kinetic Type project was made in After Effects, a program we’ve just started using. I don’t particularly like the hype around kinetic type, but at least I’m learning how to use After Effects!

And lastly this is a large project I’m working on right now! This stuff here is near completion. Anyway, it’s a large corporate branding for a real estate company we’ve imagined. In this little snippet here I’ve got the front and back of a business card, a For Sale sign, a template for a mailing list-type email and their logo.

I’ll try and keep up on posting what I’m working on because I find when I post things I see all their flaws. (Which can be convenient!)


2 thoughts on “Some Schoolwork (3012/03/17)

  1. This might be my favourite post of yours yet. Actually, what I enjoyed seeing most is the portfolio you just added. What a masterpiece. The theme of it is lovely and it looks awesome and really professional. I’m looking forward to seeing the kind of things you’ll produce when you get employed as a designer.

    Also, what do I see on the Melona box pictures? I’ve never heard of the brand, so I don’t know what the original box looks like. Did you design everything I see on this page yourself?

    • Ah, thanks!!! I was worried my portfolio wouldn’t load because it’s a pretty large file size ahaha…

      Oh, Melona is ice cream made by Binggrae, a South Korean company. It’s really easy to find the stuff at Korean markets. (They actually only started selling it normally in supermarkets here aha)

      And yep! Everything was done by myself, with exception to the actual logos of Binggrae, Cirque du Soliel, and AMC (in the video).

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