Day Out with Qina! Adventures along Cannon St.!

Ah, having a break is great! I already forgot about all the work I have to get done. (Whoops!) I’d like to think that a week is a long time, but in reality it goes by so fast! I need to manage my breaks better, since I have gotten better at managing my time doing work. (Time sheets man, I never thought I’d use them)

Anyway, yesterday my best buddy Qina invited me out for a delayed Valentines Dinner. (We’re a cute couple I think, heh.)


Now, the restaurant is pretty small and the inside is pretty quaint but the food was really delicious! I can’t remember the Korean names of the food though, sorry!


One of the neat things they had was steel chopsticks– kind of tricky to get used to! The appetizers we got were Rice & Fish cakes (the photo with the spicy sauce, yum!) and Steamed Dumplings! (I really love dumplings….)


My most favourite thing in the world. (Ok, not favourite but almost) KIMCHI. Everyone has to love Kimchi. Kimchi is great. Kimchi. Kimchi…. Kim…chi…. As an added bonus, there’s Qina with her stew… soup… ? (I can’t remember other than the broth was 10/10) and she took a photo of me trying to mix the black bean sauce into my bowl.


Our whole table was filled with food. So much food. I ate too much food.


She passed out from eating too much. (I’m just kidding.)


After the restaurant we walked to a cafe we’ve been many a time for bubble tea! On the way there I took a few funny pictures of Qina… hehe…



The cafe’s walls are all large chalkboards and patrons are allowed to doodle and write on them, most people lately have been writing their twitter usernames and such. I still haven’t checked these people out yet but I feel like I should!


Qina got Banana with Strawberry balls, and I got Black Cherry Lemonade with Tapioca pearls. Yum….


Usually I’m the one taking bad and strange photos of my friends, but she got a picture of me in my silly hat. Justice has been served.


We were out pretty late and we got some freezing rain, but overall it was a super fun day!! I’m thanking her again for taking me out on my blog, ahaha! Sorry this is pretty picture heavy! (Should of said that earlier…)

Enjoy the rest of your week if you’ve got it off too!


7 thoughts on “Day Out with Qina! Adventures along Cannon St.!

  1. Is it just me or has Pudding got food on her face in a few pictures? It looks like she’s got brown sauce oround her mouth HAHAHAH!

    But wowwwww, this looks fantastic! I’m a little bit jealous. I’ve never had Korean food. It all looks so beautiful…

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