I really like Sylveon, it’s really cute! It seems like a Pokemon Basil would keep on his team, aha! The only thing I don’t like about Sylveon is all this inane chatter about adding new types to Pokemon. Light type? Sound type? I kind of giggle at the thought, but really. The debate “GameFreak added Dark and Steel back in Gen II!” is something I keep reading. I don’t know if people remember the game was very imbalanced back in those days due to Psychic type having next to nothing in the way of weaknesses. (Or remember how awful in comparison the first 151 Pokemon were. They’re terrible, and the games are glitchy as heck!)

I really sound like a Gen IV and V fanboy but, ahem, that’s because I am. But enough of all this Pokemon chat! It’s a long way until the new games. I have to save up my excitement!

cant walk ur a deer

I also did a little doodle of Lou late last night! (And some other girl, but who cares about her.)

im anime


I drew a doodle of myself because I feel like an anime with a bandage on my nose. I’m the protagonist!


2 thoughts on “Ribbons

  1. Now that you mention it, it does look like a pokémon Basil would have around, ha ha! You draw it so nicely–I love the pink and light blue in your picture.

    I guess the chance of it is absolutely tiny, but I’m hoping it’ll be a normal type!

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