Fancy Pants

basil in france


I haven’t drawn a nice picture of Basil in a long while! I was planning on drawing some of the newer Pokemon as well, but I got lazy aha..! Colouring the lineart has this really nice effect and I should practice a little more. This little drawing was really loose so it didn’t turn out as clean as this one, but I can always come back to it aha.



I’ve been toying around with writing a small comic about the rabbit people I’ve drawn before, but I’m not the greatest at sequential works. I’d rather just illustrate or write!! Trying to do both well is so hard!

Anyway, I’ve got a bit of work to get to ahha..! Reading week is soon, whew!


2 thoughts on “Fancy Pants

    • I can’t even remember the last time I did a colour picture of him ahha…! The green is hard on my eyes to I kind of flip-flop between the green and red hair ahaha..

      (I should just chose one colour)

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