Today’s drawings have a theme?

ggggggggI drew this at school and… euck!!! Their monitors are really awfully colour-calibrated or I became momentarily colour-blind. One layer drawings are my favourite, I’m really starting to dig making elliptical brushes- they have this nice line thickness I very much enjoy..


I decided to do a little oekaki piece today too. The board’s theme was Rotom, so I did a little… Rotom girl. Haha. I can’t get flicks to disable so it’s a really big pain, since most of my line work is very quick and short. Which is basically what sets the flicks off. Ah well!





2 thoughts on “Today’s drawings have a theme?

    • Shh, I shouldn’t have said anything about drawing it on a school computer!! We were doing Photoshop work and I opened a side document to doodle in HAHA

      Hnn! It does look kind of under-watery I guess!

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