Over the Christmas break I got a gift card for one of my favourite art stores and well.. My mother kind of influenced me to purchase a bunch of stuff, aha! (It’s good though!) I paint a lot digitally and have basically forgotten how to paint without a tablet which is no good! I’m not a great illustrator or anything, but paintings a lot of fun and I should really work on it ahha…


First I did a test in my sketchbook with a bit of gouache that I purchased (only white. I should get a few more colours, I really like it!)


I bought new watercolour paper, mostly because all of the old ones I had were very toothy. (All were a 140lb cold press I believe, I just like smoother surfaces to paint on) ^This bird has a bit of acrylic on it as well.


Watercolours in my sketchbook have this really neat texture after they’ve dried too! I’m thinking it’s because the paints are so old.. At least I’ve gotten better at mixing colours than before.

Overall I’ve been putting light washes over my sketches so the pencil lead doesn’t smear, and they’re looking a little better because of it. I still need to control the paint better… Or get better patience so the pigment doesn’t mix into everything. (Haha.)

Anyway, I’ve been feeling really crummy due to a ton of computer problems so you just might be seeing more awful paintings from me! I’m off to clean my room because it’s a huge mess!!


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