I realized the last time I posted was Nov. 11….. and it’s already the 27th! Jeez, time goes pretty quickly doesn’t it. Anyway, I’ve been busy with projects, as my school semester ends Dec. 7, with an exam on the 11th. (An easy exam though ehhe..!) I really like having things to do, but when there’s too much work I just want to procrastinate! I need to get that sorted out.

A few weeks ago I ventured home and took a few good photos, but most importantly I got a haircut! Of course I don’t have any photos of said haircut. Oh well.


My grandmother’s Canon is pretty neat! I guess cameras overall are just really neat. Technology man.




At the hairdressers there was an adorable squirrel! Speaking of squirrels I got a video of one hanging out on my window sill. He’s a cutie. (If the link doesn’t work you can find it on my YouTube channel)




And delicious! Qina had me over and she made this delicious soup… ah… I can taste it still when I think about it…


Anyway, on the drawing side of things… I haven’t really completed anything aside from this! It looked a lot better as a sketch, the colour definitely ruined it for me… aha.

Anyway, I’m sorry for not updating regularly as I used to. School and my own laziness have gotten in the way it seems, they do tend to get the best of me sometimes. (Most of the time.) Have a good day, I’ve got to go make brochures, and essays, and animations, and… oh god what else.


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