Terra Branford


I’ve been playing too much TheatRhythm…. ah! It’s so addictive though, can you blame me? (Also FF6 but I’m no good at it ahha…) I’ve been drawing Terra a lot because she’s so adorable! Though I always try and get all the details in a character and for one from the Final Fantasy series…. help me. I said I’ll never draw another FF character, but I’m a nasty liar.

Anyway, here are some doodles and unfinished (never to be) artwork before I finished this one…!


One thought on “Terra Branford

  1. Wow, what fantastic drawings! FF6 is actually one of the /very/ few FFs I’ve played, but even despite that, I don’t remember much of it, ha ha. I vaguely remember Terra though. I did always love the fan art there is of her. That drawing where she has her arms up in the air is absolutely great. What awesome posing.

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