Birds and Books

Before I post the photos: today is my day one of drawing something in a sketchbook. And of course, I coloured two pictures. I don’t understand. Anyways, from here onwards I’ll be posting smaller JPEG files. Transparent PNGs are nice and all, but I want to save some bandwidth (s0 I’ll start to cut back) I guess it’s also because I might start selling a few little pieces, and I don’t want hi-res stuff going around if it’s for sale!

I know I shouldn’t be saving things as JPEG while I’m studying graphic design but… Who would post their artwork as all TIFF files?? Dude.

Birds… in the shape of a bird!! I sort of wish I didn’t colour this in the dark. I should get out of that habit.

And a Mei! I think it started out as someone else and just… suddenly turned into her. For some reason I really like the way I drew the shoes. I should give my characters a wider variety of footwear so I can practice feet. Feet and hands are weird as heck to draw man.


One thought on “Birds and Books

  1. I really like that Mei’s forearms. THOSE ARE SOME STRONG, MANLY FOREARMS. And I agree that the shoes are cool.

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