I need to use my sketchbook more!

I’ve really been neglecting art lately, and I feel awful! I haven’t had much in the way of inspiration… But anyway!


Here’s something for school! (It’s just a semi-comp at the moment, but pretty close to being finished, I think..!) The assignment was to take a magazine and rework the cover: only re-using the type on the cover, but none of the imagery! I love redoing things, or at least thinking about redoing them, so I had a lot a fun! (Except White Kyurem took forever, and you can tell because it’s the nicest looking part of the page..)


I finally coloured this really silly Adventure Time drawing… It might have been a waste of marker but I was snorting the entire way though. I’m a little peeved Finn’s glorious butt got cropped off the scan.


Homestuck Fantroll stuff… I don’t have a name for this lady, or if she’s an ancestor or what I just don’t know.


Friend said to draw a bird lady. Birds are neat.


Well, I’m going to try and draw in my sketchbook a little more! You can count on me, aha. I think my abilities are growing a little bit and I’ve gotta get on that before I miss the chance to improve. Everyone else enjoy your Daylight Savings Time if you participate in that or whatever.


3 thoughts on “I need to use my sketchbook more!

  1. That cover turned out amazing. (You sould send it in for NP to see!) I love the fiery glow around Kyurem.

    By the way, how is your laptop doing now? That cover is pretty big and it looks like it would have takes some effort from your computer and I remember you saying it was giving away a little?

    Mind you, I love your sketchbook drawings just as much!

    • I’d love to send it to show them, but I don’t know if they’re taking submissions or anything since they’ll be stopping publications..

      I have two cooling fans on my computer and the heat vent was cleaned and it hasn’t overheated or had any problems at all since! I’ve just been a little chilly ahHAH

      • TWO cooling fans? Do you overclock your CPU for all the games you play or something?

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