Sorry there hasn’t been much of an update, but wow! This week’s been pretty fun. I’ll post some pictures and write under the cut, how does that sound?

Last week felt like an elongated weekend, with both Wednesday’s and Thursday’s classes cancelled. And unfortunately, I had woken up early for both of those days, and did…. almost nothing? Ah well! It was a good time. Well needed I suppose. And of course this week projects have been moved around according and I can manage my time better. All is well! (Except I haven’t really been managing my time well enough… playing too many games)

But yesterday was a good friend’s birthday! (Whose name I will withhold after I announced I would write this on my blog. What a party-pooper!) And it was a day of adventuring as well.

First off, my computer is slowly dying. The poor thing is only 2 years old (Bought it 2010, the battery was manufactured only a few months prior to me receiving it) But it’s a laptop– and that’s were the problem comes in. 1) Not enough air vents: the thing gets way too hot, it actually melted the plastic cover on my desk ahha.. I’ve also burnt my hand on it as well. But really, most importantly 2) I use it like a desktop computer. I don’t bring it anywhere and have too many processes running at the same time. It’s got 3GB of RAM which is a step up from an older computer but that’s not enough to be running Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Skype, and a music program all at once. The fan is constantly running…… I’ve been having error messages constantly, and when I (against my will) brought it to an electronics store none of those errors came up. The guy working the desk was perplexed and so was I but.. At least he cleaned the fan… Which any of my friends could have done ahha…

That night we went to the movies too!! You’re going to think I’m crazy. mx?? They went to the movies?? Haha!! You can take an educated guess at what it was too… ahem, Looper. (Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the cutest. He is the cutest… I… I..) Aside from who was in the movie it was really good! A little too loud, but it built up nicely and shot nice and you know. Film things. My friends enjoyed it as well and summarized it but… I won’t share that in case you haven’t seen it. Even if it isn’t much of a spoiler aha!

In any case, I’ve gotta get back to work! (that means the Sims)


2 thoughts on “Exciting!

  1. I’d say doing nothing on days off equals spending your free time well. Doing nothing is my favourite pastime on days off.

    But hey, I can’t believe you went to the movies?

    Have fun [i]working[/i]!

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