Not really dragons & drawings

Last Wednesday me and some friends embarked on a game of Dungeons and Dragons! It was my first time ever, and I was sort of confused but it was still really great!! Except that it was Star Wars based and I… Don’t know anything about Star Wars.

I need to mention there was lots of dice involved. Dice are so neat.


I also did some drawings as we played the game (and wrote some notes too haha)



I …. tried drawing the people sitting around me too. Thank heavens they don’t look anything like this.

And here are the rest of the drawings ahha!



One thought on “Not really dragons & drawings

  1. Wow, are those pictures of the dice yours? They’re really nice. The top picture looks like it was taken for a promotional something!

    And what I really like is how much art you’re producing despite all your recent setbacks (and I’m sorry to hear about those! I read about them just now; what a bunch of bad luck!). It looks like no broken computer can hold the artist in you back.

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