Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Online

… Is a browser game I find really fun! I’ve been playing for about a week or so now and finally reached level 20.. Ah! It’s styled much like a board game, so if you have immensely bad luck (like myself) you might not enjoy it.

Though! The game is all in Japanese, with some English (like title screens, etc) and I thought I’d make a small guide on how to get started and play! There were a few guides going around, but all they’ve shown was signing up: and left you not knowing what to do when you start. This guide is image heavy!!! And geared towards those who can’t really read JP. (I myself can only read a bit, and thus I’m not the most helpful person..)

First off, here’s a link to the website.

See? Game start is right in English! Haha, anyway, click the sphere to start.

If you’ve already made an account, log in on the right. If you don’t have an account, click the green box and follow me!

(I’ve translated my e-mail)

Anyway, this part is simple. Put in your e-mail, confirm it, and follow the link it sends you! Just like any other site, really.

(I’ve Google Translated this page for you)

Here’s the account-making process.  Remember your password and log in!

You’re done! Now go back to the main page and START THE GAME! (You should be logged in now)

The game launches in a new window. I’ve written on screen what it is, just another terms of service shebang.

Here is a choice you have one time to make! After this, you cannot change what server you play on. (I have not found a way.) The four servers are exactly the same, so don’t worry. I play on the Rose server, so…. be my friend please.

After you chose your world, you’ll get a blank screen with Madoka running. This will open now everytime you play the game. Though!! The first time you play you might be waiting for several or more minutes. So don’t close the window!

After Madoka finishes her lap, you’ll have this page. This is where you name your character! My first account’s name is “sanayu” and this time around I decided on the name “里美ほのか” (Satomi Honoka) *

*P.S. Don’t read the name in the box there, it rejected that name and I spelt it with a different kanji aha

After submitting your name you’ll be brought to a character creation page. And don’t worry if you don’t like what you’ve chosen, you can go back and change your eyes, hair, and skin.

After the character maker you’ll get a few cut-scenes of the girls (and you!) fighting Walpurgisnacht!!! You can just skip all the cut-scenes really… I don’t know the story because I can’t read it very well.. Sorry.

And here we go! This is home page really. I’ll show you around a bit, but it’s best if you discover it for yourself.

*P.S. You can pick up and drag the magical girls if you’d like… hehe..

Now to get the game rolling! The story progresses on the quest page. More grief seeds will show up the higher your level. Of course, the only way to get EXP is from defeating familiars and witches from the stages! The stages are also numbered, and so the first one available is 1-1. 1-5 will be the boss, so you better train!

Here’s in-game. It’s very simple! Roll the dice to get to your goal. (Which is a monster. What a good goal.) Everything is really straight-forward. You can click and drag on your turn to move the map as well.

Sometimes when you roll you’ll get a Free Move. These are the best. Thank you Godoka.

I’ll need to inform you this game is really laid back. You don’t even need to click anything during the battle scenes. BAM! Look, I screenshot this as I defeated him. I’m the best.


*P.S. It looks all grainy because I have graphics set to the lowest. It looks nice and smooth on full, which it defaults to.

After you’ve beaten the level (or failed it) you’ll get this screen showing what you ranked on that mission and your SPOILS!! Look at that gold and exp. Lovely.

*P.S. If you fail a mission, don’t worry, it’s not a waste of your soul jem energy. You’ll get smaller amounts of gold and exp.. it’s worth something!

You’ll get this if you level up. Pretty straight forward.

Also, since we reached a milestone of being level 2, we get… HOMURA!

*P.S. At level 2 we get Homura, level 5 Sayaka, level 10 Kyouko, level 15 Madoka, and level 20 Mami. At even higher levels the characters are upgraded, but by then you should have a firm grasp on the game aha!

This part in important, because I didn’t know until later… Anyway, on the home screen, tap little Madoka and bring up this. This is your party! Clicking in any of the squares around your character lets you choose another one to place.

We’ve got Homura on our side now.

Now I’ll get into making your character stronger!!!

We got this weapon after beating that one familiar. Let’s equip it and upgrade it! (Despite it having a lower attack strength)

I’ve written right onto the image, because writing it out would be too much. You gotta see it to believe it.

Another important aspect is the QBBOX! This is where we get items. The brown coloured tickets are the most common, and thus give us common items. The purple tickets are more rare to get and give good items and… Well, the platinum are called that for a reason. I don’t know how to get them in-game, and the only way is to purchase them with your own real money. But they do yield the best crop. As far as items go:

N (grey) Lowest level item

R (green) I guess level two

RR (blue) wowza, level three!


SS (gold) I guess they’re super special because they’re really rare!!

This is all I get???!!

Also, there are 4 different cards you can equip to a character.





Weapon and Skill are important cards, do try the lottery to get some good ones! Weapons obviously increase your attack, while skill cards can improve your attack, health, or defence. (Or all three if they’re rare cards)

My first try even got clothing wow, this character might be lucky!

(I’m equipping a skill card for health here! This can be accessed by clicking the items tab at the very top)

Ah well, I guess that’s the basics!

I took some photos of me and Homura wrecking some baddies.

I said before you could change your appearance, and forgot about it. Here it is. Enjoy!

Hopefully this helps you out, have fun!!

If you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter (@mxihi) and I’ll try to help!


11 thoughts on “Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Online

  1. You’re the best. I can’t believe you’ve figured all of this out. Very nice! I’m about 10 minutes into the game now and trying things out. It looks like it’s pretty easy to spend all your money, isn’t it? Wow, I’m broke.

    • Yep, I spend my money so easily because my weapon is level 15, as well as all my team-mates… Though I’ve noticed logging in after 2pm EST you’ll get a log-in bonus, which sometimes is money..!

      I figured it out pretty easy, I’m good at exploring things. I guess being able to read small pieces of it can help as well aha! (But it was mostly trial and error)

    • Yikes! That’s an awful long time.. Have you tried multiple times and it’s still not loading?

      Sometimes when they’re updating the server or doing maintenance it will being loading but usually stop after a few minutes. The site also said that browsers like IE and Firefox have a harder time running the game. (It recommends Chrome)

      Hopefully you can get it running! If not, I’m really sorry!

    • Oh that’s awesome!!

      I haven’t updated the guide in awhile aha, very seldom do Platinum tickets become Login Bonuses! Congrats!

    • Unless they’ve updated/changed there isn’t any way I’ve been able to recover sold items.

      Sorry for replying so late, and sorry if you accidentally lost an item!

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