Un-posted art

It becomes posted now! Thought I’d bundle them together so I don’t end up with too many posts.

Kyouko Kigiri, from Dangan Ronpa! (That’s quite a mouthful, isn’t it?) This game is really cool! It’s too bad I can’t read JP very well and don’t own a PSP. The translation/let’s play is wonderful though!

Sakuwatari Chiyo! (In a questionable outfit, more or less)

I also drew me and Peter as Adventure Time characters. It’s silly.

I also drew this at school today, thought I don’t like the way it looks any more…



5 thoughts on “Un-posted art

  1. Your art is so good. That Dangan Ronpa drawing is fantastic. (I think it’s the face I love most.) And I really like the Chiyo art, too. I love the luminescent bow ans bracelets and her breasts are wonderful♥ (Am I allowed to say this on your blog?)

    When you update your blog with art = always a happy moment.

      • My art is awesome, but I’m a real bum and I haven’t drawn in ages. See, that’s what I like so much about artist mx: always so much new art to look at and enjoy. You’re an endless source of magnificent art.

        And, alright, ha ha. I wasn’t sure whether or not I needed to be careful on this blog because I don’t want your parents to think you make terrible friends. But indeed, you draw some fantastic boobs.

      • Aw, man. That sucks. I’m sad to know that I could have been endulging in getting praised right now, ha ha. (But to be honest, just the thought feels pretty good too!)

        Also, I’m sorry to hear that your laptop has been acting up. D:

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