Embodiment of Hope

I really like space.

P.S. The picture might not load, but please click it and view it full-sized!

I probably shouldn’t have saved it with a PNG file extension, but I just love transparent backgrounds…!


4 thoughts on “Embodiment of Hope

  1. Jesus Christ. I don’t understand. Why didn’t you resize it? And you saved it as a PNG-file, too. A 45.5MB file is nice, but this would have looked exactly the same as a 1200px JPG image.

    Well, it does look fantastic though. I love that face and the colours are gorgeous.

    • I haven’t saved something as a JPEG in years aha! Though there is a bunch of problems with how big this is so I’m going to switch in a more web-friendly version ahha…. I drew it and coloured and such with it being print-friendly in mind, which is a problem…!


      • Think of your poor Canadian parents who will have to spend 45.5MB of their data plan to view your picture!

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