A Day Out!

My classes are timed pretty well I think, leaving lots of time to do work and also do things that I’d like to! And since yesterday was pretty much a free day due to a two hour class in the morning, me and my companion set out for places I don’t usually like venturing, but it was okey. (Also known as, a shopping mall…!)


And it was lunch time so I had to get curry…. The woman at the counter was really cute too ahha!


I also ate some of Peter’s food too, hahahah!!!



I want to inform anyone reading this that, yes, if there is a pet store. You have to visit it. No ifs, ands, or, buts! I had to take pictures of the adorable birds too, just look how pretty they are… ah.. There were also adorable lizards which wave at you if they are friendly. I didn’t get pictures of them though, I was much too preoccupied with the cute little birds… ehe…


And of course I made a purchase, which is pretty unlike me but..! Pokemon Black2 and White2 are coming out soon and I just had to get September’s issue of Nintendo Power, seeing as they won’t be publishing in the future. Which makes me sad as a Graphic Designer to see an aspect of print die out, but I’ll be keeping the issue on my magazine rack!



Although BW2 was the main focus, there were plenty of 3 page articles on upcoming games that are really promising! Professor Layton is a wonder franchise that I enjoy, and although not owning the 4th game in the series I still call myself a fan ehe… It’s great to see all these new titles for the 3DS, with a new Harvest Moon, a sequel to 999, and something I didn’t see myself taking interest in, and Adventure Time game! (Which Pendleton Ward himself is working on, so it’s sure to be a good game… I hope!)

Though the only thing that bothers me about these games is that… They’re all scheduled for November 2012!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? Trying to choose one to purchase for my birthday will be hard, since I already have my eyes set on Cave Story 3D, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, and Persona4 Arena..

Well, it just goes to show how greedy I am!


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