Today is Tuesday

It’s been three weeks since I started school again, and at some points it doesn’t even feel like I left. I mean, getting back into the routine of things is a little hard but I think I’ll be doing better than last year… hopefully! Trying to get over my procrastination is a hard thing, and as of yet I think I’ve really pulled through! So far no work has piled up, and the first projects are almost all due next week. Though saying that reminds me of everything I have to do…

I think I’ll post the finals of the projects on here, so I’m making a new category, and it’s called school! I won’t have any thing posted with that tag for a bit but… at least we all know it’s there!

In any case, enjoy the day!


2 thoughts on “Today is Tuesday

    • Making is post-able to the internet is going to make me work a little harder too!! (I’m just assuming that’s what we’re talking about…. Or maybe because of my free time!!!)

      I’ll use it sort of as a digital portfolio! Ah, maybe later I’ll go back and tag everything worth looking at like that… Ah, such good ideas! Thanks Nin!

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