I’ve had this game for a few good months and decided to finally start it up. (I’m broad daylight, mind you.)

It’s so eerie looking… Aside from that the game is really… shall I say beautiful? (I’m no good at descriptions) but the field of view in greyscale is really nice to look at it. Calming. I need calming. I’d rather explore the surroundings than progress further in the game because it’s very neat to watch the environment.

I don’t remember exactly the point of the game, though vaguely I think you’re to rescue your sister? I think I’ve read that somewhere. But alas, this game is…………… Too spooky for me.

I’d like to say I’m pretty good at side-scrolling video games, with Cave Story being one of my favourites of the genre! But this game… I. I think it’s the environment around that really creeps me out. Games like Left 4 Dead aren’t scary at all, even if there are zombies trying to devour you.

Like creepy clowns. Not really that unnerving.

I don’t know. It’s just not that creepy when you are equipped with weapons. I think that must be why Limbo freaks me out. Wonderfully atmospheric but… Young boy drowning, getting caught in bear traps, and giant spiders without any way to really defend yourself keeps me on edge. Or maybe I’m just no good at the game. Though I’m not sure if I’ll be playing more to find out. I have to mentally prepare myself for this!

As a bonus: Robots are also VERY SPOOKY!


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