The flowers around it seem to grow beautifully


I never paid much attention to Shaymin, because it was only a little silly looking hedgehog. But lately I’ve realized, wow! It’s super cute. Imagine this critter as one of those rock pets that grow grass? I think it’d work out perfectly, and in fact, that’s probably what it’s based on. I should do more quick paintings of Pokemon, it’s mighty fun!

As a bonus:


Here’s the same painting before I slapped colour overlays and a texture over it. Looking back, I sort of like the plain one a little more but I really wanted to make it a little warmer. (The swatches used were from Sugimori’s original artwork and he tends to use lots of dull greys and I…. It’s okey but not for a cute little Pokemon!)

Also like last time, here’s a graph oh my mouse movements while drawing it; the timer is 45 minutes. (That’s a little long for something so small but… ahha!)



8 thoughts on “The flowers around it seem to grow beautifully

  1. Ha ha, I love the feeling of starting to appreciate a pokémon after not liking them much for a long time. A few years ago, I was reading a book on ancient Japanese art for a project at school and I came across this thing: . It’s called a doutaku. I’d never seen one before, but I immediately started appreciating Bronzong. I like that pokémon now.

    That’s a lovely Shaymin drawing!

    • There are so many Pokemon I’ve really come to like after not having an opinion on them…

      Lots of my classmates refuse to play Pokemon past Gen1 because they’re nostalgia is too much to bare I presume. I can’t play a Gen1 game without cringing about how bad it is but…… You know.

      Though I don’t think I’ll ever come to like Jynx, Smoochum, or Mr. Mime

      • Nostalgiafags who won’t play beyond Gen I are the worst. Gen II is where it starts getting good!

      • I can’t even play Gen2 on my Gameboy anymore, it’s gotten to the point where anything before Gen4 is awful to me because I love the new game mechanics ahahHAHHAA

      • Well, I agree with you on teh game mechanics! I just love Gen IV so much. HeartGold and Soulsilver must have really been fantastice to you, then. I’m dearly hoping for a RSE/DPPt remake in Gen V.

      • I wouldn’t care for one really, but I’m sure it will happen. Maybe I’ll start to care for the Gen because it was my least favourite ahha!

      • Mannn, Black & White and Black and White 2 are the games I’m not excited about at all. I want my dear Lucas and Dawn back.

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