Jon McGregor’s “This isn’t the sort of thing that happens to someone like you”

I like picking up books of short stories at the library: Usually I choose ones with a little red sticker because they’ve won awards or are generally more of a read. And usually they are. (Though some have been so boring and….. I didn’t finish them ahha)

I thought I’d share one of my favourite stories in the book. I was reading it at work and really had quite a laugh. A few of the other stories are also just singular pages. It’s an easy read and the other stories are worth reading!



3 thoughts on “Jon McGregor’s “This isn’t the sort of thing that happens to someone like you”

  1. I’ve always thought you had the “reader’s air” about you! (It must be the glasses.) This picture made my day. Applause to the author.

    • Haha, I’ve always loved reading! Though I’m too much of a quick reader sometimes………. Sadly I use the library a lot and my actual bookcase is more manga ahahHAHHAHA……

      He’s a good author! I’m going to take out more of his books next time hehe…

      • Well, quick reading can be a pretty good skill for school at least. I’m a slow reader myself, which I find to be a terrible burden when I’ve got a large number of chapters to read for school. (And believe me, studying law involves a LOT of reading.)

        Well, using the library is perfectly fine, isn’t it? After all, books are expensive stuff. (I was just talking with a friend who moved to a different school who has to buy €800.00 worth of e-books for school. God damn.) In fact, I think I like the library a whole lot. C:

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