The other day me and Kit went out to try this little… cafe! Unfortunately after walking there, it didn’t open for another two hours so we had to go to another one ahha.. Oh well. (Of course she was wearing heels as well, silly Kit!)


I don’t remember what flavour she got, but it had these neat little strawberry bubbles in it that popped in your mouth…. Only a little weird, mostly bitter ahaha! I had honeydew because I just love melon..! Also tapioca pearls are the best, why doesn’t anyone like them like I do?


I don’t know what she’s doing



The food was pretty good too! (Though, I didn’t order any of it and still…. ate… some…. sorry Kit)

Also as a bonus:


Mmm…. that font.


2 thoughts on “Yum

  1. >///< I'm sorry for always wanting to order food! I'm a little piggie, I know, b-but I always buy to share! I'm glad that you had a good time~

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