End of Sketchbook

It’s the end of my sketchbook’s life….. It lived a good life I think? March 1- July 20….. Forever will you be missed. (Not) I’m just going to find the other one I bought while I’m in London ahaha! And to celebrate, here’s the last page.


Because maids are cute….. hehehe…. Here’s a link to the full size on pixiv!

I also thought I’d share today’s dinner with you. It was great while eating but…. now I’ve got a bit of a stomach ache, oof..! It will pass I’m sure. But until then I’ll just replay eating it over and over again in my mind.




One thought on “End of Sketchbook

  1. Mmm that looks like a pretty great omelette. But not as great as your Gumi drawing! Gumi + maid uniform = ♥♥

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