I’m laughing too hard

I opened up the Sims3 today because I found hair that would look really nice for the female protagonist of BW2, Mei! Though…. Instead of making Pokemon Sims I decided I’d make (or at least try to make) some of my own original characters ahha… They really don’t look much like their supposed to, even if I did spend quite a bit of time on them. Oh well, there’s only so much you can do with the program right!





The only one I’m proud of is Lou, hehe, she looks super cute! Turns out the Steam overlay failed to launch, so I lost all of the photos from within Create A Sim. I only got one via Print Screen though..


And it looks really bad because my computer can hardly handle the game… Oh how I wish for a computer that doesn’t require me to play everything on the lowest settings!! Ah well, it still runs! I might play around with them (also I by accident made a male twin of Lou….) I’ll call it… character building. How they interact and stuff??? Mainly because I’m too lazy. HHAHAHAHAH!! I’m sure there will be…. shenanigans.


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