Ms. Vitale

Me and my brother have been taking turns playing some RPGs, and it seems to be that both of us choose non-human characters. Elves to be exact aha. Must have been all the years playing Zelda? Anyway, I thought I’d do some sketches of Roehan because well… She’s a pretty cool elf. (See what I did there???? Affiliated with ice???!!)


I think she’s getting close to being one of my favourite original characters– mainly because the world she’s based in is entirely my own… and she’s pretty different looking from all previous characters of mine. My only problem is she doesn’t have….. much of a personality. I should get to that soon enough. I need to role play more is all….


This one has marker all over it. I should really invest in an eraser. Maybe my drawings would turn out better if I could erase some lines ahha!

Also as a treat, how about the first drawing of Roehan ever? I had the idea for the character in my Astronomy class. She isn’t much different looking– aside from now having more….. practical or nicer looking clothes ahahah!!



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