Roll Cakes

First off…..


Google’s Canada Day art was super great! I’d love to draw something in a colouring style something like this, I… I’m a big sucker for it is all ahha! So GJ Google for choosing a nice artist and GJ to Canada! My family decided to do a quiz about Canadian things and we… Lets just say we didn’t do very well. Maybe because the test was using statistics from 2006 and they questions were a bit misleading. Overall I like Canada and I’m pretty proud to say “yeah, I’m Canadian!” I mean they’ve done some great things for the world and I’d like to be a part of that! Though I am not a scientist and I’m sure I won’t break any records but I might as well wish aha….

Last weekend I got together with some cool friends and we had a cute little sleepover ahah!! I took some photos with my new camera because we made (really only Carina made as we watched) a roll cake! It looks a little silly but let me assure you it was very delicious! I’d eat it again if I could ahha! Anyway, I’ll leave you with the photos.








Also as an added bonus I found a photo on my camera (obviously taken by my brother). Let’s say it definitely sums up the other portion of my weekend or… sums up most of my existence.


I’m just kidding I don’t use my computer… that… much… do I???? I need to contemplate a little tonight. Enjoy your evening!


4 thoughts on “Roll Cakes

  1. Well that’s one delicious looking roll cake. Is that peach you put in it? (It probably isn’t–I just suck at discerning different foods (I eat anything)) Also props to Kit for that fantastic 3DS design.

    • Yeah, it had peaches rolled into it. There were strawberries in another part, and I kind of wish it was all strawberry…. (the peaches were a little off-putting maybe…)


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