Drawing on a moving bus is difficult

Drawing on the bus this morning was a little better than yesterday. The driver didn’t speed or take corners crazy. In fact it was a really nice bus drive. A little too nice, I almost missed my stop aha… How unfortunate.


I had started drawing this on the same page as the Terezi from the day before but… I fixed it ahah! Even if Equius is one of my more favourite characters, I think this is the first I’ve drawn him… Ah well!


I am aware I drew her foot backwards. (Or I am led to believe I have…. at least.) FOR SOME REASON I JUST WANTED TO DRAW MY CHARACTER IN A CUTE NIGHTGOWN, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK maybe it was going to become sexy but AT THE MOMENT I WAS CUTE AND AAAAAAAAAAAAA WHY DON’T I BRING AN ERASER WITH ME…..

Oh well. I’m going to try and draw in my sketch book every day!! It shouldn’t be a challenge… at all…


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