Work and Bus Doodles

Today at work was pretty boring so I asked people if I could draw for them ahha, it turned out pretty well!


Amitie asked for an Akira, hehe, I like the character but I messed up his turban,…. ah…. I’m upset I can’t watch the final episode tonight due to internet problems but, I’ll see it in the future! (Now I’d love some curry)



Speaking of Tsuritama, isn’t Natsuki just so sassy? I get the sassy vibe. (Kit does too.)


Nin had asked for a picture of Skyla! I messed up her body in another picture so I didn’t scan it… Even if he liked it, sorry!!! I need to get better at drawing boobies. I’m just going to draw boobs all day. I’ll even make a tag for my blog called ‘boobs’. Yes….



My friends Mike and Gabby also asked for pictures of themselves…. I wish I would have drawn them together ahha.. Ah, always next time!


The bus ride home was really bumpy and the driver was obviously speeding, so drawing became a little hard on it. I drew this Terezi after an elderly gentleman scoffed at a previous drawing. (It’s not posted here because I’m not done it. I probably won’t ever finish it because I am so lazy….)


2 thoughts on “Work and Bus Doodles

  1. You’re so productive at work. Even if it’s not what you’re supposed to do at work…
    That Yamaaada picture is the best.

    • Hehe I am really productive at work! My boss thanks me all the time for ‘actually working’ aahhhaa….. And thanks! The Yamardar picture was my favourite of them all, sorry…

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