A friend of mine was nice enough to lead me the way to a playable version of Pokemon Black 2! My computer has a hard time dealing with things, so I only got so far before it slowed down and stopped on me.


But wow!!!! I’m so excited! I thought I’d play as the female character because I always end up choosing the male variant. She’s adorable! (I named her Melon by the way). Though I really don’t have much of a clue what’s going aha… I set it so it wouldn’t be using kanji but I still had to guess half of the dialogue… But ah, that’s alright! I won my first battle and am about to take a step to adventure…!

Maybe I’ll update at a later date, if I can get the game to work properly is all aha…


I mean come on. Look how gosh-darn-adorable the male player character is!!!! I think I might go pre-order the game… Pre-orders have started haven’t they?


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