Cooking and Camera Adventures

Before I was titling each post by it’s date, but I think I’ll change that from here on in. Seeing as the main page tells you when it was posted and stuff. It seems redundant to have the date plastered multiple times. Plus entries submitted on the same day won’t get confused, aha!

Anyway, when I said I was going to cook something with udon noodles I did!! And surprisingly none of my family threw up. (as of yet)



It was just simple chicken, onion, red bell pepper, carrot, and egg. (with some hot sauce of course!) Also if Carina sees this she’ll just laugh at my feeble attempt at cooking….. ahha…

Anyway, today I spent all of my free time just playing around and taking really dumb photos. The camera kit I bought came with two lenses. One I believe is just a standard lens, something like an 18-55mm..? I should really pay attention to that..! And the other one is strictly 55mm. It had the little flower symbol that means macro on Canon cameras (my old one did) and… well you can’t zoom with it so it sort of took me by surprise ahha!! As much as I like cameras I’ve got a lot of experimenting to do! I think you should be able to see the difference in the two photos hehe..





P.S. Homura’s a good model


3 thoughts on “Cooking and Camera Adventures

  1. Your noodle dish didn’t look too shabby, little miss~ Ha ha, but I should have guessed that stuff was egg and not some kind of cream sauce ( > ∇ < )

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