As I’ve said before, my poor camera of…. 5 years is it now? Yeah. My poor camera of 5 years is slowly dying. It can’t even take new batteries without completely shutting off, and can hardly focus. Usually I’d say “yeah it’s fine! I’ll make do with what I’ve got!” But really it’s been getting on my nerves to the point where I’ll just take a photo with my mobile ahahhAHAHA Who even takes mobile pictures??

So in the flyers for electronics they had a sale on new cameras. I always feel guilty buying things, but I tried to justify it being a good purchase!! Anyway, I spent way too much on a camera. But I’m trying to think of what the price would have been if it weren’t on sale. And that hurts me deep inside. (Note again: I have a hard time spending money unless it’s food)


Of course this is taken with a mobile camera ahahHAHA (because yes, you can photograph the camera with the camera??) So expect new photos!! LOTS OF PHOTOS BECAUSE I LOVE TAKING PHOTOS I CAN’T HELP MYSELF!!! As for a showing of what my blog photos might look like I’ve taken a picture of the same thing with my mobile and the new camera. Should I name the new one?




4 thoughts on “2012-6-21

  1. The first thing I want to say is, that is a cool bed.

    BUT YEAH I TOLDJA YOU WERE AN ASCETIC. “I have a hard time spending money unless it’s food” People like you are bad for the economy!

    But congratulations on getting a new camera! Well, a photo-artistically inclined person like you really can’t go without one, after all, so don’t feel guilty about it. The only reason you would have to feel guilty about it is if you ended up not using it.

    Now you can take pictures of those noisy squirrels.

    • Hehe I love my bed!!!!! (Though having QB there is a little frightening…

      I’m sorry!!! I like buying cheap things and I always wait forever instead of buying something… sorry economy…

      I regret buying it less because I’m thinking of nicer pictures I can take hehe…!!

      There aren’t many squirrels in Hamilton, more rabbits. I’ll take lots of pictures of rabbits and birds.

  2. The quality is so great! You should be proud of your purchase, getting something expensive like that instead of buying lots of little goofy things is admirable.

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