Cooking Adventures

Also, happy first day of summer! (For the Northern Hemisphere anyway..) This week has been criminally hot. I mean in the 38-40°C range of hot. That’s too warm for me. I’m going to melt away.

But a few nights ago I had a cooking adventure of making potato chips for the first time!


I had to cover the ground with newspaper because the oil can jump everywhere. Sure you knew that though ahha!! (Also outside because my entire house is white.)


My mother took this flattering photo of me ahahHAHAH

And in other cooking news, my parents went out and bought this really expensive blender. I mean, we needed a new one because the previous machine we had couldn’t even blend water… but to spend more a few hundred dollars on a blender still confuses me. It wasn’t my purchase and I don’t have to pay, so it doesn’t really concern me anyway!

One of the things this blender does is make soup. Hot soup, on top of that. (My mum becomes an walking infomercial when people ask about it) Which is pretty neat I guess! I’ve never heard of people making soup in a blender before so…. We tried making a soup a few nights ago and it didn’t turn out very good. Too much spice, wrong ingredients… So we tried again! And made a mess out of the kitchen. But was it ever good…! I really love soup hehe…



There’s still some in the fridge so maybe I’ll….. have some for lunch again tomorrow! (My co-workers seems thoroughly repelled by it. More for me!!)

I’m going to have another cooking adventure in the future with udon noodles…. I…. I can’t help myself I love udon. Stir-fried or in a soup……. I’m hungry already.

Anyway, to finish today off, here’s a picture of my plant, Haru! Of course I named him after Haru from Tsuritama because of all the scenes he has with Kate..! The line were he says he’s much like flowers because they’ll die without being watered really got to me for some reason… haha…. What a weird anime…



3 thoughts on “2012-6-20

  1. That is one wonderful blender. I’ve never been in the mood to cut up and cook my own vegetables for soup (maybe because not a whole lot of soups catch my fancy anyway), so being able to just throw some into a blender that does the job for you sounds like a blessing.

    The potato chips still sound nicer to me though. By the way, covering the floor to protect it against jumping oil, but sitting right next to it with bare legs?! Jumping oil is one of the very few things that make my put pants on.

    • Haha my mother doesn’t care if the oil catches me, but it can’t damage the wood hhahahHAHAHHA

      Maybe if we ever hang out I’ll make you curry potato chips. That is if you like curry!!

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