Hi I’m mx

I’ve decided to start up a blog here. Something that wasn’t as click and go as tumblr, and something a little more professional like FC2 blogs (of course because I can buy my own domain name and the like ahha…)

I guess it’s a lot like tumblr in and uploading sense but… hopefully minus the trashy gifs, 14 year old girls, and silly drama. Or something like that. (Wow, it sure makes me feel condescending!!)

So uh, expect me rambling and posting lots of shoddy art. Understood?


3 thoughts on “2012-06-16

  1. Suddenly, as I’m looking at your new blog here on WordPress, I’m grinning widely! I’m really pleasantly surprised by your choice to start up a blog here. I like how it looks already. Clean and professional, and (soon to be) filled with mx writing and mx art. And I’m happy to be able to leave comments on all your work now just like when you were a member of dA. (In the month after you left, I complained to Kit so often that I was sad that you’d left, ha ha.) I’ve subscribed to your new blog’s RSS feed already, of course! Ready to follow.

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